Poses and Animations Importer

To import poses/animations from one model to another you will need:
  1. Scene with model "to import to", loaded in 3ds max (In BonyFace you can import only to current model)
  2. Reset pose for current model
  3. Folder with poses/animations to import, one of these poses have to be the Reset pose of model "to import from"
How importer works: you adjust offset-vectors for every control by one, two or three axes until control moves to right position. When control stays in correct place, the vector is saved and used during import (vectors are adjusted on poses, you can't adjust anything on animations).
    Actions step-by-step:
  1. Double-click on pose in the importer's list to apply imported pose to the current model
  2. If the result isn't good then use spinners All:, X: ,Y: ,Z: to change positions of controls
  3. Button Set for All saves values of spinners to all controls, button Set for Sel. - to selected controls only
  4. If selected control stays on right position, press button Set for Sel. - to save accurate settings for this control (positions of other controls may be wrong or correct - doesn't matter)
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until the pose becomes nice looking as you want
  6. Repeat procedure for all imported poses (just double-click on the list items and check is pose looks good on your model or not, if not - step 5)
  7. If all imported poses looks good, press button Import and script imports poses/animations into Poses window

Interface (input parameters):
From: Button picks folder with poses/animations to import
Imported Reset Pose Reset pose of imported model
.bfi: Button loads file .bfi with import settings
Button saves import settings to file .bfi
To: Button picks destination folder for new poses/animations to save after import (by default this is folder from Poses window)
Destination Reset Pose Reset pose of current model

When importer's window was opened all needed input parameters are set automatically (script searhes for poses with "reset" string in the name)

Interface (import parameters, all spinners are in percents):
Opp. If on then script saves values for X, Y, Z of selected controls to opposite controls too
Base: Main multiplier for all controls
All: Multiplier to simultaneously change values of spinners X, Y, Z
X: Percent of offset-vector on local X axis
Y: Percent of offset-vector on local Y axis
Z: Percent of offset-vector on local Z axis
Set for All Button saves percents of offset-vector for all controls
Set for Sel. Button saves percents of offset-vector for selected controls
Show Button shows values X Y Z of selected control
Selected Poses/All Poses Radiobutton to choose which poses would be imported - all or selected only (same for animations)
Import Button starts import process