Selector Additional Window - operates with selection and position of all controls via UI

In the top part of window you see a face model with colored circles - softs and directs. The image you see is broken to 273 small pieces, so upon loading the Face UI you might experience a slight delay. You can move mouse over the circles, click on them with Ctrl or Alt and controls will be selected in the scene. Interactivity works only in one way - when you click on circles, controls are selected in the scene but not vice versa. That's why the image has another small secret except circles: to highlight circles corresponding to selected controls you may click on the image's head top, to clear selection and reset UI of the Face window - double-click on the head top.

Group Select/Move Opposite Controls (Mirror Selection) to work with opposite controls
Clicking on circle with Ctrl holded adds control to already selected controls, clicking with Alt - removes control from selection. Controls at the central vertical line (haven't symmetrical) are automatically skipped by buttons, working with opposite sides. So, you don't need to deselect those controls.
Opposite Button to select opposite controls and deselect current controls (selection "jumps" between sides)
Symmetrical Button to add opposite controls to currently selected (right side is added to left side and vice versa)
Auto Both If on then when you select control the opposite control will be automatically selected
Auto Deselect If on then when you select control all current selection will be cleared automatically
Right As Left Button to move controls of the right side symmetrically to controls of the left side
Left As Right Button to move controls of the left side symmetrically to controls of the right side
Sel-d Only If on then Move buttons works only with selected controls, otherwise - with all

Other buttons, surrounding the white box at left, right and top side makes selecting major controls more comfortable for animation rather than clicking on their circles on the image.
Select All Controls Button selects all controls
Key All Controls Button creates keys for all controls in the current frame
Button to select/deselect eye-splines
Button to select/deselect jaw controls: JAW - main control at the chin, o--o - axis-line
Button to select/deselect tongue soft

On each side there are two identical groups of buttons to select/deselect controls of the right/left side
R Brow - brow soft

Top Lid. - upper eyelid soft
Bot. Lid - lower eyelid soft

R Cheek - big soft of the cheek (lower cheek soft)

Corner - mouth corner soft
<Top Lip - cyclic selection from central upper lip soft through all lip directs to the lip corner (you have to press this button several times)
<Bot. Lip - cyclic selection from central lower lip soft through all lip directs to the lip corner (you have to press this button several times)

Under white box there are buttons to work with controls movement and driver settings (driver is a green box)
Place mouse cursor over driver, hold left mouse button, drag-and-drop - that's all you need to move selected control. After mouse up driver is back to the center of box, but control stays in place. Drag driver again to move control more. You can hide all controls, select controls via UI and drag hidden objects by driver. Actually you can drag any selected objects in the scene.
Undo - Button to undo last movement of the control by driver. If hold SHift while pressing - 3ds max undo performs too.
Reset - Button to set all controls to reset pose. Keep in mind: this is not the Reset pose from poses window, but the controls positions at the moment when you open Face window
H - Restrict Driver Horizontal If on then driver will be moved horizontal only
V - Restrict Driver Vertical If on then driver will be moved vertical only
Driver Sensitivity: - spinner to set driver's sense. Higher values means longer distances of controls movement, while the driver is dragging