Algorithm of automatic spline alignment is based on several parts of the right side of the face (it thinks that both sides are fully symmetrical). User have to pick main points of these parts manually via 9 numeric buttons (steps). Press (in order) numeric buttons and click on model to move appropriate control into correct place. It is recommended to use 3D Snap to End Point. Script solves all intermediate points automatically and places other controls to these points. You can adjust position of any solved control after each step if the script put it incorrectly.
Buttons with arrows select splines of appropriate areas of the face
1 Upper Forehead Points of Upper Forehead Spline
2 Middle Forehead Points of Middle Forehead Spline
3 Brow Points of Brow Spline
4 EyeLid Points on eyelids (top and bottom)
5 Nose Points of Nose Spline
6 Upper Cheek Points of upper part of Cheek
7 Neck Points of Neck Spline
8 Jaw Points of Jaw Spline
9 Mouth Area Points on Mouth Area
Button to start manual alignment process for selected controls. You will see dashed line from current control and all you need to do is click (with snap) on model. Control moves to picked point and process continues with next control and so on. You can skip current control without alignment by using right-click and stop the process by pressing ESC.