Setup Rig Additional Window - adjust rig parameters

Top row of buttons:
Right/Left - switch to settings for right/left side
Separate Sides - when on settings are separate for each side
Load Settings - load settings for current side from file (if settings are same for each side then you can load them from file of any side)
Save Settings - save settings of current side to file

If Separate Sides checkbox is turned off then weights and parameters are set simultaneously for both sides of the face, otherwise settings for each side are independent. You can save settings for each side to *.bfr file, but if settings for left and right are the same then it is enough to save only once for single side. Ten buttons with names of face parts open rollouts with settings for appropriate controls. You can select any control by pressing small button near main button.

How to adjust parameters: open required rollout, select and move soft control to a typical position (closed eye, strong brows, etc.) and adjust weights and parameters until directs and bones will be moved to the desired position, so the facial expression of model will be correct whenever the soft controls reach this position in an animation.