BonyFace 3.0 Extended was released

I already started development of oRigIn (old name "BonyRig") - a tool like BonyFace, but for the whole character and everyone who would buy BonyFace for $999 will get oRigIn 1.0 (and later versions) for free, when it will be ready (it will take 1-2 years of my time). So, it's like a "kickscripter" project and you will finance development of oRigIn by purchasing BonyFace.


BonyFace 3.0 Extended Tools: LipSync Layer Workflow

BonyFace 3.0 - Motion Capture Workflow by Ivan Cueto (Peru)

BonyFace 3.0 Extended Tools: LipSync Layer. Technical Demo

BonyFace 3.0 Extended Tools: Drive

BonyFace 3.0 Extended Tools: Selector

List of new features in BonyFace 3.0

In Basic tools Progress
Improved rig for eyes, mouth and jaw Done
You can move the center of eyelid bones at any time Done
You can rotate the jaw Done
Added button to move controls back to original positions Done
Added checkbox to reuse old skin for body or not Done
Improved Adjust Splines window Moved to BF3.1
In spline phase you can draw splines directly on a head Moved to BF3.1
In spline phase you can pick edges/edgeloops of some parts
of the face as a base for appropriate splines
Moved to BF3.1
Buttons to hide/show geometry and eye controls was added on BF toolbar Done
BVH importer is available now as basic tool. Buttons to import/remove bvh-model was added on BF toolbar Done
In Extended tools: Selector window Progress
Selector consists of two rollouts Face Controls and Manipulations,
you can rollup/rolldown anyone to save screenspace
Selector window appears much more faster Done
Added tags to select jaw spline and tongue controls Done
Added buttons to reset and update selection and UI Done
Correct transfer lip rotations between sides Done
Fixed some bugs of "green box" control Done
Added new button to "swap" sides Done
In Extended tools: Drive window Progress
Poses and Drive tools are combined together into completely new window Done
Fonts are different for selected layers, active layer and other layers Done
You can create layers weighted for selected controls only Done
Fixed some issues in layers, now all controls have the same mechanics Done
You can collapse layers Done
Rollout for common settings Done
Rollout for controls of active layer, here you can adjust weights of controls
and include/exclude them from active layer
Rollouts for 3 types of layers: AutoBlink, Mocap (old BVH) and Lipsync Done
Rollout for importer of poses, animations and phonemes
between different characters
In mocap layer you can transfer animation not only from bvh-model
but also from any object
Poses Mixer and browser are combined together Done
Improved Poses Mixer UI, you can mix up to 10 poses with Reset Pose,
Current Pose or Current Emotion (positions of controls at current frame)
Grimace mode works faster Done
Pose saving, loading and applying works much faster Done
Rotations of jaw and ALL mouth controls (not only Softs, but directs too)
can be saved in the pose file
You can create and manipulate with phonemes.
Phoneme is a special *.pho file with 2 poses (begin/end) and 2 time intervals
New Lipsync layer where you can load audio, type text and
use phonemes to create and edit animation of speaking character


BonyFace 3.0 toolbar

Rig and main window in BonyFace 3.0

Selector window in BonyFace 3.0

Drive window in BonyFace 3.0

Controls rollout of Drive window in BonyFace 3.0

AutoBlink Layer Settings rollout of Drive window in BonyFace 3.0

Mocap Layer Settings rollout of Drive window in BonyFace 3.0

Lipsync Layer Settings rollout of Drive window in BonyFace 3.0

Phonemes in BonyFace 3.0

Mixer mode in BonyFace 3.0

Grimace mode in BonyFace 3.0

Importer in BonyFace 3.0

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